A Paramedics Tale……

The more obvious discomforts delivered by obesity are clear for all to see as we go about our daily lives. Things such as people unable to sit comfortably on chairs made for more normal size people, the need for larger clothing which is often in scarce supply or the difficulty of getting in and out of cars or being able to drive cars safely to name a few. These things are more visible to the laymen and perhaps are things that we have rightly or wrongly come to accept in our society today.

When discussing these unfortunate circumstances with a paramedic friend it seemed that there is a whole new world of discomforts that obese people expose themselves to that the general public would have little idea of. My friend went on to recollect an emergency call that she had attended where an obese person was involved in a domestic accident that she had been called to.

“Upon arriving at the scene and finding little signs of life from the patient……

the utmost priority is finding a pulse, there is trouble from the outset as locating a pulse through the  extra layers of fat is a hard ship in itself. After finding a pulse and carrying out some more initial examinations we established that this particular patient was in need of an intravenous drip,  not quite as straight forward to administer on a person of this size, the veins are often hidden by the excess fat and therefore the most common place to insert the needle is in or around the thumb in a very small vein which delivers another hurdle in that the needle used must be smaller and therefore the flow of intended medicine can not enter the patients system as fast as is ideal. Once we had brought the patient to a stable state the next priority was to get them to the Hospital. Again something that is often quite simple with the 2 paramedics on the scene, however due to the size of our patient we had to wait for further assistance to move the patient. Once the assistance arrived it soon became very clear that the exit route we would normally use to vacate the patients property (their front door) would not be passable anymore, no option but to call the fire crews to carry out some structural changes on the patients house. Nearly at the end of our ordeal or so the patient thought and we had to break the news that actually we would have to travel to a hospital that was a further 20 minutes away due to the local hospital not being able to treat someone of this size.”
Shocked? Surprised? Horrified? Or all three and more? What a great account on the number of external physical factors which inhibited this particular patient from getting the help they needed in the shortest time frame possible which potentially threatened the life of the individual. The information that I didn’t hear from my paramedic friend which could have added insult to injury was the extent to which the patients obesity affected the treatment at the hospital.
As I have done on many occasions I would really like to reiterate the potential dangers obesity opens us up to through this story. This patient could have lost their life solely on the fact that the paramedic could not get enough medication through the intravenous drip in time, let alone having to call the fire services to rescue the patient from their own home.
Obesity is a killer on so many levels but how terribly sad when the patient is in a state where not even professional help can be administered quick enough to save a life.

CrossFit Games Open – Workout 1

Well what a smart move by CrossFit. They make the first workout of the open something that everyone co do…….the result? Their entry numbers jump from 25,000 in 2011 to over 60,000 in 2012!! Great marketing and why not! The reality is we now have over 60,000 people who recognise CrossFit as a sport and are happy to be part of the Open for 2012.
Is asking the athletes to do as many burpees as they can in 7 minutes going to find the fittest athlete in the world? At Burpees….yes. At the sport of CrossFit…..of course not. This was a great way to start the 2012 competition but the road to the finals is a long one. There are 4 more workouts in the open, and then regionals…….lets not get too excited yet, this is just the start!
Hats off to every single person who stepped up and did the workout. Burpees are an “interesting” exercise at the best of times so to see so many people giving them a shot is awesome….as were some of the faces of those who completed this workout!


I have purposely abstained from writing anything about Lean95 since its launch in Dubai over a month ago. The reason being is that everything I recommend to people or comment on I test on myself first to have a first hand experience. In the last month there has been various hype about the product and there is an insane demand growing globally for this product. I wanted to see how it worked for me and then give my feedback.
So what is Lean95? In and earlier chat with Sean Penny from The Wellness Brothers who developed this product I was able to get a  great inside line on why it was made and what’s in it…….
The clear goal of developing Lean95 was to “supply a clean, vegetarian protein shake that contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients.” This clearly had me on the edge of me seat right from the get go. A protein with no synthetic or artificial ingredients is something that I have been talking about for a long time. I always encourage people to look very carefully at what is actually in their protein supplements as the amount of artificial additives can actually bring more harm than the increased level of protein delivers.
So what’s it really made of then I asked Sean? In simple terms it has 15grams of protein per serving which is loaded with arginine and glutamine, this is great as these amino acids are essential for providing muscle protein, providing support to the muscles during physical exertion and energy for muscles during stress.
Lean95 also contains the Peruvian herb, Maca, a renowned adaptogen (aids in increasing resistance to stress, trauma and fatigue). Maca also helps in increasing energy and endurance and is commonly used herb with athletes. Spirulina is next on the ingredient list, this stuff is regarded by International Health Organizations as one of the greatest super-foods on earth. Approved by NASA as one of the key foods for astronauts due to its broad spectrum of ingredients. Spirulina offers and abundance of whole food nutrients that play a key role in the immune function, energy production and overall cellular function.
Put all this into a one liner and you would have something like: “A non synthetic protein packed with ingredients for performance.”
But what’s it really like? To give you an idea I have scored it out of 10 based on 4 points:
  1. Results: With a limited time period its not possible to give a 100% accurate results score but after 1 months use as a supplement for some of my solid proteins I have had no drop in protein levels or muscle mass. Score 7/10 (Through longer use and more quantifiable testing this may change)
  2. Taste: If you have had any natural style of protein before, you know they are not well known for their taste factor but I have to say Lean95 tastes pretty awesome with a slight mint tang to it. Score 9/10
  3. Ingredients: There is not a great deal more I could ask for from a protein. Score 10/10
  4. Price: Comparative to other products in its field and also against the huge market of synthetic protein supplement Lean95 holds is own considering its ingredients when it comes to price. Score 10/10
All in all this product is something pretty special. Its got what you need, its good for  different people with different goals and it tastes good. For further information on the product and to order you can visit the Lean95 website


CrossFit Games 2012 – InnerFight

“Fittest on Earth” is the tag line of the event that I will be part of for the coming months, an event that culminates in Los Angeles in July of this year, that is the ultimate destination for any man or woman wanting to test themselves physically against the fittest human beings in the world. But that’s July and there is a process to go through.
So whats the process?…..

Simply put! 1 workout a week for the coming 5 weeks which are done here in Dubai. Ranking in the top 60 in the Asia region at the end of these 5 weeks earns the right to participate in the Asia regional championship in Korea in May. It is here where first place is all that counts. The winner secures a place in the CrossFit Games finals……the rest go home until next year.
50,000 people around the world will participate in the open but ultimately there can only be 1 male and 1 female crowned “The Fittest”.
To track my progress on the CrossFit Games site CLICK HERE

This stuff is for girls too!!

The world is changing and its changing fast, we are no longer stuck in the dark ages and the future is happening right in front of our eyes so we better keep them open or risk being left way behind!
Is there a “ladies specific job” anymore? Or are all jobs applicable to either gender? Well its not the work environment that is of my greatest concern right now…..oh no I want to share something far more interesting and motivating with you and tell all the guys out there to look out as the one place where you may have felt you can escape the females in your life and throw around some heavy weights for a few hours with your mates may well be about to change! Have a look at this film and you may get what I am saying……

Guys and girls the sport of fitness is changing, girls are throwing around heavy Olympic bars, girls are doing pull ups, girls have callouses on their hands and scraped shins from dead-lifts. Fitness is a multi gender sport and the girls are more than holding their own!
At InnerFight we have been putting females through their paces for some years and pound for pound they go toe to toe with a number of guys out there……you also will not be surprised to know that some of our girls can lift more weight than many guys and are faster than some guys have dreamed of being.
Everything we do at InnerFight can be done by girls just as well as it can be done by guys, in the same way that we have to change the weights for the guys from time to time we do just the same to fit the girls.
Waste no more time ladies this is for you and it will change your life too!!!!


“A resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something” That is how the dictionary defines resolution!

There is always a lot of talk about resolutions toward the last few days of the year and in the first week of the new year. I want to address this topic towards the end of February as its a very interesting time when it comes to resolutions. Why?…….

Because peoples resolutions may be at a number of different stages of success. Some may have fallen by the way side after the first week, some the second week, some as quick as a couple of days. Of course there are many people that are remaining true to their resolutions and have developed a new norm of life. So why the varying levels of success?

I want to provoke thoughts here on two levels. The will and the plan! And yes they are linked heavily. It starts with the will to give something up or to make permanent changes in your life, you have to want to do it, and really want to do it, not just think you want to do it!! It must therefore come from the heart and normally be backed up with reasons. As humans we often look for reasons to justify our actions and unfortunately when we are looking at giving things up that we may quite enjoy we often find more reasons not to than we do to! So get your will in order and make sure it comes from the heart.
The second point is the key to any success story. We have the goal but its not east to achieve it without a plan. Your plan for success is just the same as the map that takes you to your destination. Its all very well knowing the name of the place you are driving to but if you don’t have a map your chances of getting there are dramatically reduced. So get your plan in place.

Sound easy? Well it is an it isn’t. Planning takes some effort, some time and a little bit of brain. One of these three may trouble the laymen! When you have your plan you should always write another one then if plan A fails plan B comes into action. Once you are armed with your plans then your chances of success shot dramatically up!

So if you made resolutions and failed, if you made resolutions and are finding them testing, or if you made resolutions and are still going strong with them the points of examination are just the same. Stay strong willed and keep two plans close to hand as you never know when you may need them!