Ripping up or Stripping Down???

So you have had enough, the time has come. You want to be ripped, stripped or anything close to what you think is going to help you up your game as well as  your hit rate. As a product its available in all good nutrition stores, comes as liquid, power or tablet. You take one look at the guy on the label and instead of it being his picture you start to dream that it’s a mirror and in the standard advertised text yes “this will be you in 8 weeks”. Are we really that desperate and gullible or do we want it that much that we reach for our pocket only to see zero difference in 8 weeks. 

Come on guys lets have a reality check, lets not  build our dreams on the concoction of marketers and a load of properties and ingredients that you cant even pronounce never mind understand. Why not try mixing these 3 ingredients together. 1. A low fat eating plan 2. A training session that pushes you to your limit and 3. A mental attitude that makes point 1 and 2 possible. 

Of course we would all love to be able to walk into our local store, make a quick purchase and 8 weeks later be at a casting for Baywatch but it isn’t going to work like that so stop thinking it does. Draw on the great resources around you related to food, training programs and mental attitude, stick at it and the next thing you know you will have veins popping out from muscles you never knew you had, you may even be offering your abs to the local launderette who knows.

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