InnerFight team up with Polar

Marcus Smith InnerFight fonder has recently teamed up with Polar Hear Rate Monitors in a brand ambassador arrangement. Below are some words from Marcus:

“I got my first Polar heart rate monitor when I was 13 years of age and running cross country at school in the UK. When I was 18 I managed to get my heart rate monitor to read 205 during a run. It was like an addiction to see how hard I could work and how much I could push myself. Today is no different, I wear my heart rate monitor to keep me true, it tells me how hard I am pushing and lets me know what I am capable of.
To come to an agreement with the guys from Sport In Life to endorse Polar is a great honor, I truly believe that Polar heart rate monitors are the best in the world and help me in my performance.
As I prepare to compete in the 2012 CrossFit Games, the competition that decides the fittest person in the world, having a Polar on me is just like wearing my shoes, there is no way I would train without it. “

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