What are you supplementing?

Pick up a fitness magazine and what do you find? Pages littered with adverts trying to sell us supplements? Yes often!!
Go to any major shopping mall and you cant miss the “Supplement” stores! Loads of big tubs of proteins with really fit guys on the label telling you what you will look like in 8 weeks!
Starting a fitness regime? Whats the first thing you do? Think about supplements?
I am getting an increasing amount of inquiries from people asking “What supplements should I be on?”  Do they really expect a simple list of the worlds fitness solutions that are available in powder or liquid form at your local supplement store? I often wander.
So where should we be starting?
Well its simple, lets have a look at what you are putting into the engine which is your body. What fuel are you trying to power yourself on. This has to be the first port of call. Would you put diesel in your petrol engine car? Didn’t think so. If we want this highly complex machine of a human body that we have all been blessed with to function at its optimal then we have to find the right petrol for it.
A simple exercise to do is track your food for 3-4 days writing down every single thing that crosses your lips, be it liquid or solids, leave nothing off your tracker. On day 5 have a look through the list and you may get one or a number of surprises. Check for some basic things such as: How much water have I drunk? As a guide take your KG body weight and divide by 30, this gives you the number of litres of water you should have had a day. Next question, how much sugar have you had? The human body needs 5grams per day to complete its bodily functions!! Look into things like cups of tea, coffee, soft drinks, the frequency of your meals, the make up of your meals as far as carbohydrates, proteins and fats are concerned! Are there any patterns or is it just a sporadic picture of what was available when the hunger pains kicked in?
This is a test that I have done with a number of clients delivering reactions such as: “My water intake is too low”, “Wow that’s a lot of coffee I drink”, “Gee I only really have 1 square meal a day”!! It provides us with simple action points that themselves lead to improved diet and well being. These small tweaks are free, simple and easy to make and will bring you results without even having to visit those supplement shops.
The dictionary definition of supplement is: “something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole.” Therefore wouldn’t it be important to know what you are adding to, where the deficiency is or what you are trying to reinforce before we start to think about what we are going to buy in the form of supplements.
Of course if this is an exercise that you have already done and you have found deficiencies in your diets that can not be plugged with food then a visit to a supplement store may well be the option that you need to take. When it comes to buying supplements the best advice that I can give you is go natural and avoid putting synthetic ingredients into your body that may well do you more harm than good!

For more information or for direct questions please post to the comments section or mail: winning@innerfight.com


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