From flying to training!!!

We continue to debate the real effect that flying has on the body and our performance. There are definitely side effects to time spent in a big metal tube 40,000 feet above sea level thats for sure.
Traveling back to Dubai from New Zealand this morning I thought I would test my own body with a workout within 5 hours of landing. The journey from door to door took 26 hours! Flying time was 17 hours with the first leg of the journey from Auckland to Sydney taking just 3 hours but the leg from Sydney to Dubai taking 14 hours!
So what was my approach and what were the results?? 

Well the approach was simple. 2 liters of water on departure from Auckland and 1 liter during the flight, 1 average aeroplane meal. 2 liters of water during the 90 minute transit in Sydney 3 liters of water during the Sydney to Dubai flight, 2 average aeroplane meals. When I say average I mean this in every aspect, its probably a compliment to the nutritional values of the meal, but the portion size is average, the selection is average and the taste is average…..hence my average conclusion!
Total hours slept on the 2 flights was 9!
On arrival into Dubai I had a further 1.5 liters of water, eggs and spinach!
So what were the results?
I started my session with the Dog-father at Evolve at around 10:30am having landed at 5am. After a quick stretch we were into snatches, snatch pulls and back squats. Once this was out the way we hit our metcon for the day which was: 3 rounds of 12 strict hand stand push ups, 24 bar facing burpees and 12 overhead squats @ 50kgs. There was a mandatory 3 minute rest between rounds.
 The Dogfather during the metcon!
The conclusion was simple, I felt great! Was it the best session of my life? Probably not. Did I have energy? Yes plenty! Was I tired? Not at all! Did I feel dehydrated? Not at all. 
So the learning here is simple. If you want to fly and train and get the most out of your training then ensure two things: firstly that you sleep well and secondly that you drink plenty of water.
Happy faces at the end…..

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