The "SMITH" Machine

Whilst on a recent trip I came across one of the oldest Smith machines that I have seen in my life. Its probably worth more than just a blog post but rather a spot in a fitness museum!!
Not so common place in the more forward thinking gyms but still highly popular in commercial gyms!!! A recent report confirmed that the Smith machine delivers an unnatural squat movement that creates additional stress on the knees and lower back, the report went on to say that the traditional squat actually produced 50% more muscle activity in the quads compared to squats done on a Smith machine!
 It was more the moving parts of this particular Smith machine that provoked some thought on the possible age of the apparatus. Some quick research on it delivered an answer that I was hardly surprised to find. The Smith machine was invented by “The God Father Of Fitness” Jack LaLanne in the 1950’s. It was however a gentleman by the name of Rudy Smith that commercialised the rig that LaLanne had initially put together and hence the name “Smith” Machine.

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