“A resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something” That is how the dictionary defines resolution!

There is always a lot of talk about resolutions toward the last few days of the year and in the first week of the new year. I want to address this topic towards the end of February as its a very interesting time when it comes to resolutions. Why?…….

Because peoples resolutions may be at a number of different stages of success. Some may have fallen by the way side after the first week, some the second week, some as quick as a couple of days. Of course there are many people that are remaining true to their resolutions and have developed a new norm of life. So why the varying levels of success?

I want to provoke thoughts here on two levels. The will and the plan! And yes they are linked heavily. It starts with the will to give something up or to make permanent changes in your life, you have to want to do it, and really want to do it, not just think you want to do it!! It must therefore come from the heart and normally be backed up with reasons. As humans we often look for reasons to justify our actions and unfortunately when we are looking at giving things up that we may quite enjoy we often find more reasons not to than we do to! So get your will in order and make sure it comes from the heart.
The second point is the key to any success story. We have the goal but its not east to achieve it without a plan. Your plan for success is just the same as the map that takes you to your destination. Its all very well knowing the name of the place you are driving to but if you don’t have a map your chances of getting there are dramatically reduced. So get your plan in place.

Sound easy? Well it is an it isn’t. Planning takes some effort, some time and a little bit of brain. One of these three may trouble the laymen! When you have your plan you should always write another one then if plan A fails plan B comes into action. Once you are armed with your plans then your chances of success shot dramatically up!

So if you made resolutions and failed, if you made resolutions and are finding them testing, or if you made resolutions and are still going strong with them the points of examination are just the same. Stay strong willed and keep two plans close to hand as you never know when you may need them!


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