This stuff is for girls too!!

The world is changing and its changing fast, we are no longer stuck in the dark ages and the future is happening right in front of our eyes so we better keep them open or risk being left way behind!
Is there a “ladies specific job” anymore? Or are all jobs applicable to either gender? Well its not the work environment that is of my greatest concern right now…..oh no I want to share something far more interesting and motivating with you and tell all the guys out there to look out as the one place where you may have felt you can escape the females in your life and throw around some heavy weights for a few hours with your mates may well be about to change! Have a look at this film and you may get what I am saying……

Guys and girls the sport of fitness is changing, girls are throwing around heavy Olympic bars, girls are doing pull ups, girls have callouses on their hands and scraped shins from dead-lifts. Fitness is a multi gender sport and the girls are more than holding their own!
At InnerFight we have been putting females through their paces for some years and pound for pound they go toe to toe with a number of guys out there……you also will not be surprised to know that some of our girls can lift more weight than many guys and are faster than some guys have dreamed of being.
Everything we do at InnerFight can be done by girls just as well as it can be done by guys, in the same way that we have to change the weights for the guys from time to time we do just the same to fit the girls.
Waste no more time ladies this is for you and it will change your life too!!!!

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