I have purposely abstained from writing anything about Lean95 since its launch in Dubai over a month ago. The reason being is that everything I recommend to people or comment on I test on myself first to have a first hand experience. In the last month there has been various hype about the product and there is an insane demand growing globally for this product. I wanted to see how it worked for me and then give my feedback.
So what is Lean95? In and earlier chat with Sean Penny from The Wellness Brothers who developed this product I was able to get a  great inside line on why it was made and what’s in it…….
The clear goal of developing Lean95 was to “supply a clean, vegetarian protein shake that contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients.” This clearly had me on the edge of me seat right from the get go. A protein with no synthetic or artificial ingredients is something that I have been talking about for a long time. I always encourage people to look very carefully at what is actually in their protein supplements as the amount of artificial additives can actually bring more harm than the increased level of protein delivers.
So what’s it really made of then I asked Sean? In simple terms it has 15grams of protein per serving which is loaded with arginine and glutamine, this is great as these amino acids are essential for providing muscle protein, providing support to the muscles during physical exertion and energy for muscles during stress.
Lean95 also contains the Peruvian herb, Maca, a renowned adaptogen (aids in increasing resistance to stress, trauma and fatigue). Maca also helps in increasing energy and endurance and is commonly used herb with athletes. Spirulina is next on the ingredient list, this stuff is regarded by International Health Organizations as one of the greatest super-foods on earth. Approved by NASA as one of the key foods for astronauts due to its broad spectrum of ingredients. Spirulina offers and abundance of whole food nutrients that play a key role in the immune function, energy production and overall cellular function.
Put all this into a one liner and you would have something like: “A non synthetic protein packed with ingredients for performance.”
But what’s it really like? To give you an idea I have scored it out of 10 based on 4 points:
  1. Results: With a limited time period its not possible to give a 100% accurate results score but after 1 months use as a supplement for some of my solid proteins I have had no drop in protein levels or muscle mass. Score 7/10 (Through longer use and more quantifiable testing this may change)
  2. Taste: If you have had any natural style of protein before, you know they are not well known for their taste factor but I have to say Lean95 tastes pretty awesome with a slight mint tang to it. Score 9/10
  3. Ingredients: There is not a great deal more I could ask for from a protein. Score 10/10
  4. Price: Comparative to other products in its field and also against the huge market of synthetic protein supplement Lean95 holds is own considering its ingredients when it comes to price. Score 10/10
All in all this product is something pretty special. Its got what you need, its good for  different people with different goals and it tastes good. For further information on the product and to order you can visit the Lean95 website


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