CrossFit Games Open – Workout 1

Well what a smart move by CrossFit. They make the first workout of the open something that everyone co do…….the result? Their entry numbers jump from 25,000 in 2011 to over 60,000 in 2012!! Great marketing and why not! The reality is we now have over 60,000 people who recognise CrossFit as a sport and are happy to be part of the Open for 2012.
Is asking the athletes to do as many burpees as they can in 7 minutes going to find the fittest athlete in the world? At Burpees….yes. At the sport of CrossFit…..of course not. This was a great way to start the 2012 competition but the road to the finals is a long one. There are 4 more workouts in the open, and then regionals…….lets not get too excited yet, this is just the start!
Hats off to every single person who stepped up and did the workout. Burpees are an “interesting” exercise at the best of times so to see so many people giving them a shot is awesome….as were some of the faces of those who completed this workout!

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