Round Timer!

Open any health or fitness magazine and you will notice numerous adverts or articles on how new pieces of technology are going to make our quest for improved health and fitness so much easier. The adverts normal end with something along the lines of….”Just send $49.99 and enjoy the 30 day money back guarantee” or something to that effect..
I don’t actually believe there are many substitutes available on the market for that of hard work of the individual that wants to achieve their goals. However I do believe there are some pretty neat bits of kit around which will help us on our journey towards our goals.
In this post I want to share with you a cool little app that I use on my iPhone and iPad…..

The app is called round timer and essentially what it does for me is act as a stop watch with benefits. I can set it to count up, count down, count splits, count Tabata and literally in anyway I want. It has a number of alarm sirens so you can have it set up just how you want.
I find this app great when traveling and use it a lot on my iPad as I can run my music in the back ground and have round timer visually available on the screen and if I can’t bare to look over at how long I have left round timer has various alert noises that I can set.
Its available over at the iTunes store and is priced very modestly at $0.99!!

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