Smart Choices!

“I’m traveling”, “I didn’t get time to cook”, “I couldn’t make it to the grocery store” and the list goes on of what I would call famous quotes on why you are sat there eating a meal that is doing you more harm than good.
Well I believe we should be solution conscious and not problem conscious. I believe that we should try and salvage each and every situation and make the best out of it so I want to share with you 5 “smart choices” when you are in a tricky situation of having to unexpectedly eat at an establishment which doesn’t quite meet your “healthy eating” criteria:

  1. Get your mind in gear: Where ever you go there are good options, you just have to be strong willed enough to seek them out.
  2. Drop the sauce: Just because the menu says that your meal is served with lashings of sauce this doesn’t mean you can’t ask them to leave it off.
  3. The right carbs: We need carbs, they fuel us but why not choose the right ones. Throw away the starchy ones such as rice and potatoes and bring in the green ones such as broccoli and spinach.
  4. No more salt: In many restaurants the food is enhanced with salt in the kitchen so there really is not need to further drown it in the stuff just to try and draw out even more flavor.
  5. Drink smart: Restaurants often like to offer us “free” refills on sodas? Ignore it, why do you want more sugar in your body? Stick to the water, its also normally in the free refill category and is often free altogether.
You may not be 100% prepared for your meals 365 days a year and we all get caught short form time to time, but when you are in a tricky situation, don’t let the wheels fall off all together, make smart choices as there are so many out there.

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