Personal best

Never under estimate the huge impact that setting a personal best has on your performance!
We are in an era of the fitness industry where people are looking for improvement and results and they want them NOW! Have you every thought of setting a personal best every single time you enter the gym? Well if you haven’t thought about it then how can you even start to do it.

Think for a second about the awesome feeling you get when you smash your 5km run time, or your bench press weight! Does it make you even thirstier for more? Does it make you want to come back to the gym sooner? Does it give you that drive that you need? I dare say the answer to all of those questions is yes.
Lets break this down really quickly. How do we set a personal best every time we hit the gym floor? Well the answer is simple, firstly prepare yourself mentally for it, start to believe it before you get into the gym that its going to happen. Secondly understand what a personal best is? If it’s your squat we are talking about and your current squat is 100kg’s then a new personal best is 101kg isn’t it? So don’t go trying to be superman and lift 110kgs just yet!
Yes it’s that simple……and like I said to my mentor a few years back when he told me to “clam down you may not set a personal best every day”……..”I may not but I can sure as hell try”
Keep setting personal bests people, keep getting better, take your performance to another level….. you will not be disappointed!

2 responses to “Personal best

  1. I really like this post. And when i start with a new client, i always make him/her do a fitness test and expect them to do their first personal best…. Then few weeks later, they beat their former personal best and are happy, surprised, more motivated, etc…….this is one the best way to progress and stay on the track.

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