Your food is your fuel!!

I recently posted a comment: “Your food is your fuel. It may not always taste the way you want it to. What is more important is that it helps you achieve your goals!!!” Based on the feedback I got I thought it fitting to dive a little deeper into this on a post!
So what does it really mean and why did I post it?

Very simple. If you have health and fitness goals of any description or if you have a goal to live an happy and healthy life then to achieve, this when it comes to nutrition there are going to have to be certain sacrifices. You have to remove this preconception that every meal has to taste divine. If it does then there is a pretty high chance that you may not reach your goals.
Simply put, our food is our fuel. It provides us with our energy and allows us to live, this is nothing new. Another comment that I hear all too often these days is “Everything that tastes so good is so bad”. I have to say I agree with this in a number of circumstances! So with the input = output theory in mind you have to be very careful what you put in!
I will tell you right now that if you do have aggressive health and fitness goals (which I believe everyone should) then there are going to be times when you are going to have to throw your hands up in the air and say “This is my fuel, taste is not a priority”! People are often shocked to hear that out of the last 500 days of my life I have eaten the same food for breakfast and lunch on over 300 of those days! If I was not able to remove the taste element from the equation I do not think this would have been possible. The food that I take on board is tailored toward my goals, its that simple. Taste on those 300 days is not the priority, reaching the goal is!
Now don’t get me wrong I love my food and am lucky enough to have a wife who is an awesome cook so I get more than my fair share of great food. What I am saying here is that your food is such an essential component of your health and fitness goals that it has to be taken seriously and if you are to successfully achieve these goals then there are going to be some (or many) occasions where your taste buds are going to need to take a back seat.
As for now……Bon Appetite!

One response to “Your food is your fuel!!

  1. Nobody has made me think more about the whole food=fuel thing as Innerfight….the whole equation of same fuel same time same day in day out….is actually quite appealling and easy to follow…

    I am what i consume….

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