Nutrition: It matters. Simple points…

It’s awesome that people are seeing the importance of nutrition when it comes to achieving their physical and health goals. The old mindset of  physical activity being 90% of our solution to improved wellness is slowly dropping off the radar, which is great news. I speak to more and more people who now realize that what they feed their bodies is a deciding factor in achieving our physical, aesthetic and health goals. Don’t underestimate it, people; it’s huge! The thing is that when people do their groceries and start to check the fat and calories in what seems to be a healthy diet choice, they then enter into a world of confusion, and it all gets a bit too difficult. So they end up going back to old habits, which in a number of cases are not really going to help them achieve their goals.
Now, I’m not a nutritionist by trade, but I have done a lot of work with people when it comes to nutrition (primarily myself) and I’ve seen a lot of success with clients! I have been down to 5% body fat and tried a number of diets and eating plans both for my personal performance and health. I’ve also have worked with people that were looking to lose weight that eventually dropped over 20kgs by changing their eating habits, without exercise. I have worked with performance athletes on increasing their performance through changes in nutrition and I continue to experiment on myself in the search for the ultimate cocktail of nutritional ingredients to boost performance. Here’s a look at the vitamins and supplements I take alongside my diet Click Here

So lets keep it simple. What can you do today to improve your nutrition and in doing so boots your performance and well being? Follow these 5 simple points:

  • Eat! and do it at the same times each day. Your body is an unreal machine. To run efficiently, it needs fuel and it requires it often. Try and have your 3 daily meals at exactly the same time each day or within a 30 minute window.  Make it a priority and your body will respond.
  • Balance your nutrients: Do you always put petrol in your car? Or do you sometimes put diesel in for a change? Didn’t think so! So don’t do it to your body, you can’t expect it to perform if your input varies from day to day. As a rough guide your plate should have 35%-40% carbs, 35%-40% protein and the balance good fats.
  • Reduce sugar: Just think for a moment how much sugar you put into your body daily. To function you need 1 teaspoon. Many of us have had more than that in our first coffee! Add it all up and you may be shocked to see how much sugar you are taking into your body each day, cut this by half to start and you will notice huge differences.
  • Be careful on starchy carbs: Things like potato, pasta, rice and bread all taste great, fill us up nice and quick but don’t do us many favors when it comes to fat levels. Carbs give us energy and are important but they are available in more places than just starchy carbs. Look to green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli!
  • Hydrate: H2O should be everyone’s best friend. But how much? Simple, take your body weight in kilograms, divide that by 30 and this is how much you should be drinking every day as a minimum. Depending on the climate you live in and the amount of physical exercise you do you may well need quite a bit more than this.
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