Concept 2…..Rowing!!!

When you are into fitness, people want to talk fitness with you all the time which is pretty lucky for me, as I love the topic and it seems to go on for ever because everyone is so different and so far there is no hard and fast solution for success which applies for all. Of course if you are not so into it then it can become a bit of a mundane subject!
A question that has popped up a few times recently is; “What is the one piece of fitness equipment you would have on a desert island?” Now the 2 things I never leave home with out are my gymnastic rings and my skipping rope when I’m heading on a trip. However on the third time of being asked I think I shocked my crowd somewhat delivering the answer……Concept 2 Indoor rowing machine.
IMG_5747 copy

I have heard these things described as everything from a persons best friend to their worst enemy. But lets about this quickly, which muscle does this machine not work?

Does it burn the lungs? Can you use it for endurance fitness? Can you change the intensity? It would seem the answer to all those questions delivers positives!! Let me tell you one thing….I have seen people push limits in gyms around the world and try and find the breaking point of their bodies through various methods but I can guarantee you that the rowing machine delivers the knock out blow each and every time. It works every single muscle in your body, it sets your lunges on fire, you can sit on it for 30 seconds or 30 minutes and it will hit you hard, you can vary the intensity by stroke speed as well as the damper setting, it really is something else in the world of fitness.
Personally I have incorporated the rowing machine into a number of InnerFight workouts. Our 3 benchmark workouts InnerFight, Evolve and COD all have grueling rowing sections. In fact the rowing machine inspired my blog post on COD. It’s become an integral component of the brand of fitness I believe in. Although the 2k row is somewhat of a global standard, I am more a fan of the short distance and in 2011 was ranked 3rd in the world on the Concept 2 500m leader-board having posted a 1:17:4 . I also love the 30 second sprint where I have posted a 207m.
Naturally the rower favors the taller of us but find a way for it to work for you no matter what height you are. As I tell everyone that I work with. “The rower is where I learnt to suffer and where I learnt to get better, it’s the one single machine where you can exercise and increase your mental capacity on and if you are weak it will be nothing but suffering from start to finish.”
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