Drink water…..but how much?

With the amount of noise around water and hydration these days you should know by now that its kind of pretty important. A question that I do get asked a lot is: “How much should I be drinking?”
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Now of course there are factors such as how where you are living, how much physical exercise you are doing and what sort of physical shape are you in to consider here. However as I guide I want to follow a great formula that my friends The Wellness Brothers shared with me which is:

[your weight in kg] divided by [30] = number of liters you should be drinking on a daily basis
Obviously, if you live in a hot environment or are very physically active so losing a lot of fluid then it is even more important to get that calculated amount into your body as well as more to replace the additional loss you are having. (Personally, I drink between 4-6 litres of water per day depending on my training load and also the time of year!)
Lets also note here that the above calculation is based on pure water and not water that you have added to drinks such as tea or coffee or that you think is in energy drinks.

So start hydrating!

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