Why use Trigger Point Therapy?

As you may see from my training log I am using Trigger Point Therapy quite regularly as part of my training. I have had a few people ask me about this and inquire why I am using it and if I think it works or delivers benefit.**(see note at bottom of post)
For real!
A few months back I went on the master trainer course run by MEFIT PRO (regional distributor for TP Therapy) The course was delivered by the founder and CEO of TP Therapy Cassidy Phillips. The first thing Phillips asked his audience was “Do you brush your teeth daily?” of course the answer was positive and Phillips was ready with his response “Well why don’t we look after our bodies daily too?”…

A fair point I thought and quite a way to kick off the course.

What Phillips has delivered in TP Therapy is Myofascial Compression Techniques through a product with programming! This is unlike anything else I have come across. You actually get a program to follow for each part of the body. Many people have a foam roller and we are very good at telling people to hop on the foam roller for 10 minutes a day or 15 minutes a day, but what should they be doing with it, where should they be hitting, how should they be moving on it? All of these questions spring up all too often and are perfectly valid. The fact that Phillips has identified the 6 key points on the body that are essential to human movement and performance and attacks these with his Ultimate Six program shows that there is some serious thought gone into this. Each of the ultimate 6 has a specific program to be carried out on it for what Phillips has discovered gives the maximum return.
I challenged Phillips as to the difference between the TP Therapy kit and a standard foam roller or his version The Grid! His answer again related back to his opening subject of dental hygiene as he responded with, “Do you floss daily?” of course my answer was yes, Phillips continued, “foam rolling and the grid are great tools, they move the plaque off the teeth and into the gums, what TP Therapy does to your muscles is what floss does to that plaque, it takes it away.”
After day 1 on the course I started incorporating TP Therapy into my program because the practical demonstration of the positive impact of the system was literally mind blowing. I was however not 100% sold and hence why this blog post is only been written now. For me to fully buy into a concept I need to use it over time, the long term positive effects on my body and my performance are my number 1 priority. 2 months later I am still using the product and the effects are insane. Increased flexibility, improved range of motion, reduced muscle soreness and improved performance to mention a few. The longer term effects I can not comment on but if the difference I have noticed so far is anything to go by then the future is all positive.
In the UAE TP Therapy is available from MEFIT Pro and globally you can check them out at http://tptherapy.com/
**Let me just say one thing. I do not receive any financial benefit from any products that I use, I am not paid to promote brands. The brands that I work with and am an ambassador for I was using before they approached me as I believe in the brands. Hence it always amazes me when people ask me “Why are you using that?” or “Do you think it works?’ The only reason I use certain brands or do certain things is because yes I think they work and believe they make me perform at a higher level.
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