You want a "Cardio" workout?

Whilst I am not a huge fan of splitting gym work into “Cardio” and “Weights”, I want to share with you what I believe is a pretty solid 20 minute “cardio” solution.
I came across this in 2001 when I was first introduced to the Body For Life program. The cardio solution that Bill Phillips came up with I recommend to people and use myself to this day from time to time.
Body for life
It’s so simple to follow and you can really smash yourself up nicely in 20 minutes and unlike getting on a piece of CV equipment and just looking at the screen waiting for your workout to end, this session doesn’t bore the hell out of you.

The great thing is you can apply Phillips’s solution to any piece of cardio machinery be it the treadmill, stationary bike, Concept 2 rowing machine, Cross-Trainer or even just use the structure in your run outside!

Do I think its the ultimate? No not at all! But I think its a neat little workout which when you figure out your zones works well so its worth a try!

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