It will not always be perfect

I was half way through my workout today and as I brought the skip rope over my head it not only hit the roof above me but also the mirror in front of me. Claustrophobic is one way you could have described the gym I was working out in, along with a number of other phrases!
The point here is very simple. Your gym, your workout, your frame of mind, what you did yesterday, what you are going to do later, whatever it is it will rarely be the perfect lead up to your session. Quite frankly no one cares and nor should you. If you are searching for excuses they you will find them in every direction that you look. The bottom line is that success and results come to those that get in and get the work done no matter what the environment and no matter what!
I want to encourage you today to look more for why you are able to do something and be great rather than for excuses not to. It will not always be perfect but you control 100% how you react to that!

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