Lacking equipment, but want to train, what do you do?

No dbs

So you are super keen to start moving more; maybe even give the InnerFight weekly training a shot but there is on limiting factor you don’t have access to all the right equipment. What do you do?
Well, I believe in being solution conscious and not problem conscious, there is always something that we can do so here are some ideas:
  1. Look for something that is going to give an equal effect: e.g. I get a lot of people who contact me and don’t have a rowing machine. Well, why not run or use double unders instead. Are you going to get 100% the same effect? Not all the time, but we have to make the best out of the situation.
  2. Use the InnerFight training programs that require no equipment: In the training section of the site you will find a number of great workouts that can be done almost anywhere, these are marked with ** for your easy reference.
  3. Plan: It would not be so smart to plan a big squat session on a day that you know you don’t have access to a bar and some weights. Be smart and plan your sessions around the equipment that you have.
  4. Build a home gym: You can put together a very nice home gym in your garage at a very reasonable price. With a pull up bar, a set of squat racks, a concept 2 rowing machine and a few kettlebells and dumbbells you are well on your way.
  5. Look around you! Just because a weight doesn’t have a handle on it or a nice black rubber finish it doesn’t mean its not a weight that can be picked up. I have a ship anchor that weights 80kg that I use for different things. You can use bricks, boxes, kegs or literally anything that you can get your hands on.

Bottom line: if you don’t have a whole stack of equipment is to think outside the box a little bit and ensure that you still get an awesome workout, I have worked out in the strangest of places with literally no equipment and had an awesome session.
You have to see it as an opportunity, not a road block!

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