A Dolly Parton classic……dubstepped!!

This song is a classic for a number of reasons. With the original of Dolly Parton’s Jolene being released way back in 1974 it is some song to still be kicking around and getting remixed these days. So aside from my huge musical background (cough) what makes this song worthy of a post?

When I first heard about CrossFit 7-8 years ago someone told me “there is this workout called Fran and there is a video of it on You Tube go check it out”
I watched it and loved the sound track as much as I loved this little workout these two went at. Fast forward 7 years and I am in Korea competing in the CrossFit Games Asia Regional and this dubstepped version starts banging around the arena. Its a great song on its own and a great dubstepped mix. Hope you enjoy it!

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