So what can I actually eat?

    So you want to do the right thing when it comes to food but all you are constantly bombarded with are the no’s.

“Don’t eat this, that’s bad for you, you can’t have the other.

What can I eatIsn’t all the advice that we seem to be hit with these days of a negative nature? Well lets throw that away and look at what you can have, far simpler to focus on what is on the green sheet rather than what is in the red zone.

For example this is a great list of negative calorie food. i.e. you burn more calories eating them than you obtain from them.

Another great prescription comes from our friends over at CrossFit where they state: 
Crossfit food
Paleo works with this pyramid:  

A further solid piece of advice that floats around is to stay in the meat and veggie section of the supermarket. You will find everything you need right there.
My personal prescription is meat / chicken / fish, vegetables, essential fats and of course when Sweet Stuff delivers I am always happy! There is no hiding behind a cup of coffee here and there either!
The bottom line is focus on what is going to get you toward your goal and forget about the trash that is going to slow you down!
InnerFight founder Marcus Smith is a high performance coach with a wide array of clients on all matters related to performance. For more information how he can help you increase your performance contact him direct at

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