Clean out the closet

There are no “if’s” there are no “maybes” and there are no “buts” if you have gone to the effort to make positive changes to your life which means you are left with a pile of clothes like the below that no longer fit then there is only one place for them

and it’s not your closet.

Clean out the closet
NB: The cap can stay (Contact us for apparel sales)

Let me tell you that if a pair of pants are any number of inches too big for you now then you don’t need to be planning to wear them again in your life so do yourself a favor and run them down to the local charity pile.
Aside from cluttering up your closet where all of your new clothes that actually fit your new body have to live, there are huge mental benefits of having a clean closet. It’s a case of accepting that this is the new you and being ready to stand up for it and admit that you are never going back to what you were.
I don’t care if you have dropped 1 inch on your waist line or 30kg off your body weight, the prescription is the same. If it’s too big for you today, then get rid of it. Your journey to a healthier life carrying round less weight could have cost you varying levels of hardship and no matter who you are, you have worked to get to where you are so you better fight for your life to keep getting better and better.
Clean out the closet, throw away the old you because there is no room for someone elses clothes in your closet…..

InnerFight founder Marcus Smith is a high performance coach with a wide array of clients on all matters related to performance. For more information how he can help you increase your performance contact him direct at

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