White Noise and Eye shades

In this post I want to share 2 things with you that I use often whilst traveling as well as at home to help me sleep better.
White noise
The first thing is White Noise. I use this though an iPhone app mainly through my headphones although the speaker on the iPhone is almost good enough not to need the headphones. The headphones just ensure less interference. What the white noise does is masks other noises that may disturb our sleep such as airplane noise, banging doors in hotels or street traffic by basically numbing our auditory system. The iPhone app has a number of variations of white noise that you can use. It’s not the actual noise itself that aids your sleep but the fact that it drowns out any other random sounds that distract you and keep you awake.
eye shades
Secondly I always have a set of eye shades / sleeping mask near me. Despite our best efforts with black out curtains and the likes there are often different light sources in rooms or places that we may be trying to sleep in that distract our eyes. What a good set of eye shades will do for you is create a tight seal around your eyes to ensure total darkness throughout your sleep. The result is that you will be able to fall asleep faster and have no light induced distractions whilst sleeping resulting in far better sleep quality.
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