From the fittest to the fattest

What an awesome experience I had in the USA.
I  witnessed the crowing of the fittest male and female on earth and also saw what I believe is possibly the fattest group of people on earth.
Seeing Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir win the title of fittest on earth was amazing. Not only to be able to watch these two live but to be able to see those that made the finals of the CrossFit games 2012 all in the same arena live giving all that they have in their quest to be the best. It was a true demonstration of what the human body can do once the mind is controlled. 
The man is not human!
At the other end of the spectrum, the sugar fueled obesity crisis (35.7% of the population and 17% of children) seems to be at an all time high in America. The source of the problem is so clear and having watched the documentary “The men that made us fat” prior to my visit, my senses were perhaps heightened.
No escaping cupcakes round here @lovesweetstuff
Every mall has one

There were 2 things that struck me and are clearly major contributors to the issue. The first was the amount of “junk food” outlets. Its actually not easy to find healthy food. What this leads to is that people think this type of food is perfectly normal! A frightening norm to relate to. 

The second is the word famous “soda”. The American serving sizes make a standard 330ml can seem like dwarfs play. A litre serving of soda is dispensed readily everywhere you go and is the “norm”! Everyone is walking around with litre cups of sodas and many choose the bigger servings to fuel their sugar addiction for only a few extra cents.

It’s just amazing to see both extreme ends of the spectrum in one place. 
What’s your take on the standard American diet and their increasingly growing portion sizes?

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