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        Being the best you can be and striving to reach the ultimate performance state is what I am striving to help people around the world to do. With this in mind I have teamed up with 3 awesome people as guest writers on the InnerFight blog.
Through having these guys work with me, we will cover a wider range of topics as well as delivering different angles and thoughts on performance.

Neil Flanagan:
“Neil Flanagan is a naturally gifted sportsman and has excelled in all sports. He turned his hand to from semi-professional football to competitive swimming. His ability, composure, and mental strength has brought him success across a number of sports and more recently lead him to the world of triathlon.
In 2011 Neil completed Ironman Hawaii (his debut Ironman) in a highly impressive time of 10 hours 51 minutes having never run a marathon before. In May 2012 he went on to qualify for Team Great Britain in the world triathlon championships in New Zealand in October 2012 where he will race the sprint distance triathlon.

What Neil will bring to as a guest writer is a point of view from a non traditional triathlete who has caused great waves in this sport in a very short time. He has become obsessed with getting the most out of his body by being open to a holistic approach to performance, there is literally no stone that remains unturned in Neil’s quest for ultimate performance.” 
Connect with Neil: TWITTER, BLOG

Mirella Clark:
“Mirella believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle choice. She is a highly qualified strength and conditioning coach and a specialized Bio Signature practitioner based in the UAE with clients around the globe
Female strength and fat loss is a passion for Mirella, she not only enjoys pushing clients beyond their limits, but the ultimate goal is to educate her clients, so that achieving better body composition becomes a lifestyle choice for the future, not just a ‘fad diet’ or an unsustainable mission to get a “bikini body.”
As an athlete, Mirella knows how to train her body and mind and amongst a vast array of sporting achievements. She placed 7th female in the 2010 extreme fitness event “Tough Guy.”
Mirella works predominantly with women, coaching them to get the best out of their lives, through education and coaching on the best training, diet and lifestyle approaches to adopt. It is this experience and insight that she will share in her posts on”

Connect with Mirella: TWITTER

Marti Susanne:

“As a fat loss specialist, strength and conditioning coach, Marti Susanne is passionate about female health.  With a keen interest in functional medicine and psychology she takes a holistic approach with her clients, combining training, nutrition and hormone profiling to get results.  She specializes in establishing lifestyle programs for females that promote long term sustainable transformations to optimally healthy living.
Marti’s attitude is simple: “Believe it; you will achieve it.” Coming from a medical corporate background, Marti understands the high demands placed on our “go-getter” society and the affects it has on health and weight. Due to her passion for being in great shape and living a healthful life, Marti changed career so she could help support others live life to the full in great shape! 

In writing on Marti will deliver her experience and advice on female health and performance. As someone that has turned their life around in the pursuit of being as healthy and successful as possible I hope that Marti will inspire our female followers.”
Connect with Marti: TWITTER, BLOG

David Hass:
“David is a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. In addition to researching the many valuable programs available to patients and those effected or interested in learning more about cancer, David also blogs about programs and campaigns underway at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. David has been successful in creating fitness ideas for those dealing with cancer, while creating relationships with similar organizations.
For a disease that has and is touching so many of our lives we are grateful to have someone of Davids stature as a contributing writer on” 
Connect with David: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, E-MAIL

Dr Adam Sayers:
“Dr Adam Sayers qualified with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic from the University of Johannesburg in 2007 and has opened and practices at 2 family wellness practices in Johannesburg South Africa. He is also a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg where has supervised a number of research projects.
Dr Sayers passion for improved general health and the empowerment of people to make the right health and lifestyle choices reflects in his personality, work and lifestyle. He is an incredibly active individual and combines InnerFight training, Kettlebells and CrossFit to maintain his physique.
We are honored to have some one of Dr Sayers caliber as a guest writer on and look forward to the angle and experience that he will bring to the users.”
Contact Dr Sayers: TWITTER, E-MAIL

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