London 2012

So you have been watching the Olympics and have hardly been able to get away from the rowing that seems to have been taking up more than its fair share of air time. (You may have noticed the high success rate of Team GB but that’s another story)
 Sir Steve Redgrave: 5 Gold Medals in Rowing in 5 Olympic Games
Inspirational and motivational are two words that keep popping up in the commentary, in the reviews and are no doubt words that have enticed a few of the public into thinking that maybe rowing is not such a bad sport and one they may want to get involved in.
I wrote a post back in June about the Concept 2 rowing machine which has long been a favorite piece of equipment for me (Please understand that the boats in which these athletes are rowing in the Olympics provide a whole new array of challenges to that of the indoor Concept 2 machines) and in keeping with the Olympic spirit I have named a new workout inspired by the rowing that I have seen in London 2012. During the last Olympics in 2008 I created the workout Beijing , London 2012 is far more straight forward in that it is a carbon copy of the event that we have seen the athletes competing in, a 2 kilometer row as fast as you can.
Give it a shot today and post your times to the comments section. I will  offer an InnerFight goodie bag to the fastest time submitted by 31st August 2012. For times to qualify for the prize they must be backed up with video footage. Any questions mail

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