One response to “InnerFight Podcast #23

  1. It is one of the most attractive posts for me because I see my respectful professor ( Dr.James ),who introduced Innerfight group to us with a simple interview with Marcus Smith in his podcast. After that, I made an account in the website and that's it ! I was a member of InnerFight. During the summer every morning at 6:00 A.M I did one of your trainings and I lost 11 pounds during 2 month. I am in a good shape now, and my life has totally changed. I have been a member of fitness first and some other clubs, but I was not happy. I'm going to continue with this group. My family members, and some of my friends have joined,and I hope Dr.James also join us. I will post my own pictures and video as strong evidence as soon as I get the best result. Many thanks to Dr.James who made me fit !

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