Little things that make a big difference.

By a Guest Writer

Young and old alike we know, whether we implement or not, that our physical health, fitness and nutrition are the base of the performance pyramid. So each morning we wake up each morning with the intention and goal of doing that little bit better for ourselves. Can we run the extra km? Can we set a new PR? Can we take that extra supplement? Can we eat the “right” way? And so on…. Those of us that have the self motivation (on most days..) combined with excellent guidance from our mentors and the time to put it all together succeed at those goals we set for ourselves.

Assuming that we are doing the best we can within these parameters, I have found that there are a few changes we can make that are not as apparent as eating salmon and broccoli everyday! There are some subtle things that we may do on a daily basis that can detract a big amount from all the good that we do everyday.

Do you drink your required amount of water on a daily basis? A cold bottle that perhaps you have kept in the freezer to get nice any icy to quench the desert heat thirst? The amount of BPA (Bisphenol A) that is released from the plastic into the water has been linked with cancer and autoimmune disorders especially in children. You may have gotten the right amount of water into your system but what else has been absorbed by your body along the way?
Like this, there are so many things we do on a daily basis that have similar negative impacts to our bodies and make us more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. I am not suggesting that drinking water from a plastic bottle will cause cancer. I am suggesting that if there is evidence that shows these may be linked, then lets try and eliminate or avoid the minor things that could possibly make a big difference.

Here is a short list of some of the things that we do on a daily basis that we could change simply and perhaps make a big cumulative impact. These are just a few of the easiest ones I have been able to change (some are still in progress….)

  • Water bottles- Try to use BPA free bottles/metallic cooler bottles and keep them out of the sun. Never drink from a bottle that has been left in a car and heated. Try to filter even the water that you use from the large coolers ( or Brita filters). Even baby bottles, teets and the toys that go in your baby’s mouth all contain BPA! All plastic food containers including plastic wrap, the containers that you put leftovers in, the plastic freezer containers all contain BPA.
  • Cooking Pans- The non-stick coatings on pans that makes cooking and clean up very easy, emit a very harmful chemical when heated. Try using a coconut oil spray to coat a copper or steel pans without a Teflon coating.
  • Shampoos/Creams/lotions/- All the stuff we slather on contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and/or parabens. Even baby shampoos and soaps are ladened with these chemicals that are directly absorbed by the body’s biggest organ! So many companies are making SLS and paraben free cosmetics and shampoos.
  • For the ladies- cosmetics and nail-polish and hair color- You don’t have to stop your weekly trips to the salon. Just pay more attention to what is going onto your skin and nails! A lot of new polishes are “3 FREE” which means they don’t contain DBP Formaldehyde and Tolene
  • The handy microwave oven- Enough said! The quick zap to cook the salmon and broccoli emits enough radiation to affect someone standing in front of the microwave. Skip the quick zapps and use a traditional stove-top!
  • Dry Cleaners- Ever wonder how the cleaners magically get that stain out of your fav dress? These chemicals are also directly absorbed by the skin.
  • Popcorn- Yes sad but true! A favorite snack of the movie theater contains diacetyl. This has been linked to alzheimers (not that we should be eating such a thing anyway… Have a cupcake instead!!!) Diacetyl is also in margarine and several packaged snack foods. Pop your own at home….. and NOT the microwave kind!
  • And so on….

So when we wake up each day and try to accomplish that one step better for ourselves, lets take into account all the “invisible” things that can harm us and detract from our daily goals. We can’t change everything overnight or live in a bubble but we can prioritize and be aware. Making even a small change can eliminate the opportunity for harmful effects especially for our children.

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