Why am I not losing this fat

For many when it comes to health and fitness goals the primary focus is to drop body fat, it’s only once that is done that people are ready to look at more performance based goals. For some people the process of fat loss seems to take forever and is littered with “Why’s”. They are training, they are eating “clean” but things are just not happening the way they want them to.
Lets take a look at 5 reasons why people don’t lose fat:
  1. Too many calories: Simply put you are eating too much and not moving enough. Taking in too much food that is not getting burnt up can end up turning to fat as it may also not be the best quality food around.
  2. Too few calories: Now the opposite is happening, you are starving yourself and the body can not function properly to carry out the things it needs to in order to burn the fat off.
  3. Not enough movement: These days we read a lot about a sedentary lifestyle, people sit for long periods in offices and generally not getting out and moving enough. You need to be active a minimum of 3-4 times per week. If you work in an office you need to ensure that you are not sitting for long periods of time, get up every hour and walk up some stairs or even do 10 squats.
  4. Poor sleep: When we sleep our bodies repair and grow. If you are limiting your sleep then you are limiting these processes which are essential for the body to function well. If the body is not functioning well then how can you expect it to burn off what you want gone.
  5. Stress: When we are under stress the body is releasing a stress hormone called cortisol which causes the liver to release sugar and in turn the pancreas to release insulin. Cortisol also has anti diuretic properties.
So get these 5 things in order, get that fat off and lets start of focus on performance orientated goals as I can tell you they are far more fun, far more rewarding and make far bigger differences to your physique.
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