Metabolic Mayhem

By guest writer Marti Susanne

Is your body in Metabolic Mayhem ?

Do you struggle to lose weight despite your best effort? Do you crave high sugar or high fat foods? Are you tired? Wired? Struggle falling or staying asleep? Feel lethargic? Gain fat despite eating healthy food? You could be going through a period of Metabolic Mayhem.

Your body is a clever machine – you cannot outwit it when it comes to survival. When you under eat and/or over train you change your body’s chemistry. You could do this unintentionally without even realizing, its easily done. If this is the case then you will have low blood sugar levels, and your body will release hormones including adrenaline, cortisol & glucagon in an attempt to rectify this & raise blood sugar levels. Plus your body will break down muscle in an attempt to provide the amino’s it needs for regeneration. In the end you end up with less muscle and less tone, a slower metabolism as a result of this and become a fat storing machine. Thus your fat loss efforts stall & you don’t reach your body goal even with all your hard work & good intentions. This means that toned sexy body you were hoping for is not going to happen.

There are Metabolic Mayhem symptoms you can look out for such as cravings for high sugar/fatty foods, insatiable hunger, irritability, low mood, tired but wired feeling, light headedness. I don’t care if you have will power of steal you can’t fight hormones they are incredibly powerful! Its survival. Believe me – at best you’ll end up eating a “little bit of” crap at worst you’ll “binge” in a frenzy!! Then you’ll feel guilty, irritated, fed up, & annoyed at yourself plus a whole host of other avoidable negative emotions …

This year I have made it my business to find out more about this topic & have heard stories of people, particularly women having gone through similar experiences. In my own scenario I gained 20lb gradually over 10 weeks, nothing really in comparison to one story I was told by a male natural bodybuilder I know who gained 20lb in only 1 week – that’s Crazy!
The savage consequences physically & mentally can leave you feeling depressed, fed up and often isolated if you don’t have people that understand this to talk to.

Many people have entered Metabolic Mayhem without realizing – obese or overweight people are often those that have tried every diet going, this usually includes some form of permanent calorie restricted diet. It is this group of people I reach out to particularly because they get more perturbed & more frustrated each time they try & fail to change how they look with the next “best diet program”
However even outwardly “thin” looking people can also be going through Metabolic Mayhem too.

If you have dieted hard for more a while / or smashed the cardio  / hard weights consistently for weeks and weeks on end, with no rest periods or recovery strategies planned in and have any of the symptoms I have mentioned above, and find that despite your best efforts your body is not changing there is some form of Metabolic Mayhem going on.

The best piece of advice I can offer is “DO NOT WORRY” – This will only add to the stress of it!! Once in the eye of such a storm, the only option you have is to ride it out, go with the flow, get yourself a plan of action, keep to it consistently until your body re-balances and starts to change. Once you start to notice changes you are in a better position to then tweak things to suit you and keep that momentum building.

In Brief Marti’s Metabolic TLC Program
1). KISS – “Keep It Simple Silly”. Go back to absolute basics. Eat whole foods every 3 hrs, include protein, fibrous veg & healthy fat in every meal. Drink plenty of filtered water & include herbal teas such as green tea.

2). Routine – Morning & bedtime routines is key

3). Exercise – Plan in your diary time to do this

4). Sleep & Rest – Make time to be calm, allow your body time to Rest, Repair, Build and Recover. All are so vital to overall wellbeing, fat loss & getting through Metabolic Mayhem.

5). Support – Tell someone where you are at emotionally, what you need from them & how they can best support you. We are all unique your needs must be met here for support to work.

6) GOAL – Set a realistic goal. Once you start to see your body changing, you can add a time frame to this.

7). Be persistent – If you slip up, fall off the wagon, eat crap, miss a training session or feel you can’t be bothered, you haven’t ruined your life – so don’t waste emotions beating yourself up! Once you acknowledge the situation just take accountability & take the next positive step towards your goal. This could be planning your next day to be even better, heading out for a walk, making your next meal perfect.

8). Be Patient – You haven’t got here overnight! So don’t expect an overnight result. Your body just doesn’t change that quickly give it chance. It’s the daily habits that get results & will get you to that body goal you dream of so keep practicing them.

9). Be Grateful – People are always so quick to complain these days, don’t be a winger. Life is flipping amazing – if its not its your fault, its your life, you write the story, change something! Appreciate all the good things in your life each day and be thankful for them.

10). Don’t Quit – If you quit, or make excuses why you “can’t” you’ll never get there. Remember – this is “Smart fat loss 4 Life”. It is simple, although not easy, this is habit and habits take time to formulate. Each day perform steps 1-10 repeat until reach your goal!!

Marti specializes in establishing lifestyle programs for females that promote long term sustainable transformations to optimize healthy living. Her attitude is simple: “Believe it; you will achieve it.” If you would like further information on Fat Loss 4 Life or my Metabolic TLC program please connect with Marti: TWITTER, BLOG, 

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