No it’s not normal but it will make you awesome!

 Recently someone told me what I was doing was “not normal”. A bit bemused I questioned which part of my life they had an issue with. Their response….. your training! I smiled and continued with what I was doing.

Now I am not 100% sure if this person was referring to my own training or the training that I deliver to clients in the InnerFight classes. I guess you could say that both are a bit  abnormal…….that’s if your normal is distorted.

As humans living in the world today we appear to have a huge issue with what normal really is. If you are willing to accept the corrupt messages fast food chains are able to deliver in their marketing campaigns as your normal. Or if you are ready to follow the sheep to the slaughter and accept their normal as yours then good luck to you.

However I want to encourage you to break free from perceived normals. Go out and start to challenge yourself in new ways, take part in training that’s “different”, eat food that drives performance, approach rest and recovery as vital elements of being the best you can be and define what normal is to you, because I can assure you what is normal in most societies today is only limiting peoples potential in getting the most out of their life.

The “Smash Life” Seminar

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2 responses to “No it’s not normal but it will make you awesome!

  1. Mate, I have read this 3 times already. What you say here really resonates with me and has a wide application to life generally. Lambs to the slaughter, I love it. The more I am told by people in the mainstream that my plans are kind of crazy, the more I am reassured that I am doing the right thing. Thanks for this and for the yarn this morning. Nick.

  2. Your motto “be comfortable being uncomfortable” truly resonates with me. I’ve only trained with you for 3 weeks and I’m already a changed man. Can’t wait for more! Keep doing what you do!

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