It all starts with the Physical

If you haven’t realised the importance that your physical capacity plays in your performance in life then just have a look at this pyramid below that makes it all very clear.

Simply put, our physical capacity fuels our performance in all other areas of life. If you can not cope physically then your emotional, mental and spiritual capacity really don’t matter. Simple example is that you can be the smartest cookie off the block but my friend if you can not keep your eyes open at your desk by lunchtime due to a weight, exercise or food issue then all those hours spent at Harvard are not going to help at all.

If you have ever worked out regularly or still do then I am sure you will be able to relate to the great feeling you get once your workout is complete. I am not going to tell you that you have to enjoy getting up early or heading to the gym at the end of a hard day’s work but few will argue that they don’t feel good after the workout! This is because of the chain of positive reactions that occur in the body as a result of physical exercise. And yes believe it or not these feelings and benefits spill over into many other aspects of our lives.

Your physical capacity is related to; your level of physical activity, nutrition, rest and recovery. So start by checking if these are in order. Are you physically active 3-4 times per week? Is your nutrition good? Are you getting 7-9 hours per night of quality sleep? A global benchmark to measure these is body weight and more specifically body composition, knowing how much of your body is muscle and how much is fat. (Another one is performance which I will address in a later post.)

The positive impact in peoples live that I have seen when they address their physical capacity is phenomenal. Their work life improves, their family life improves, their social life improves and there appetite for life on the whole goes through the roof. If you are sat starting down at a little bit of extra junk in the trunk it’s time to realize how much that is limiting you and time to get out and do something about it.

The “Smash Life” Seminar

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2 responses to “It all starts with the Physical

  1. Is there any problem using your pyramid for a .ppt presentation locally, church & spiritual. Doing a Mayan Calendar pyramid evaluation & not sure you see the parallel. Ascending from our lower carnal physical to heaven or spiritual level. What the Mayans recognized. They separated them into 9 levels but left off the physical & spiritual & they made the emotional & mental as 3 tier-levels.

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