Doris conquers the Sahara

7 days to run 250km across the Sahara desert?……yes that was the brief and in 3 previous posts here, here and here I shared Doris Matlok’s  story with you. Well the great news is that Doris completed the race!

Doris has a comprehensive report of all aspects of her race over at her BLOG

The prize for a grueling 250km across no man’s land.

When I work with athletes such as Doris my last communication before they set off for their challenge includes one highly important note. I always ask them to fill some of the time during their adventure thinking about “what’s next” “What will be your next adventure? What is your next goal?” This is so important on a number of levels:

  1. It focuses the mind away from the job at hand which we know they can do as we have prepared them both physically and mentally to do so.
  2. It avoids any major lull in motivation post event which is very common in a number of athletes. Instead it breeds excitement of the next challenge that lies ahead.
  3. It increases attention to details as they go about the job at hand, thinking about the experiences they are having, what they are doing well and what they would do next time to make it better……as they are already thinking about next time.
  4. And finally it ensures that we are constantly challenging ourselves physically to get the very best out of the great and complex bodies we have been blessed with.

It was therefore no surprise to me that when I caught up with Doris on her return one of the first things that she told me was that she would be running across the Gobi Desert in March 2013. Here is what is in store for her and I am delighted that we are going to continue working together to take her there!

The “Smash Life” Seminar

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