Liquid Nutrition

I am with you people, sometimes food takes time to prepare, time to eat and time to clear away. But hey, why not be solution conscious and not problem conscious……for every problem there is a solution and in this post I want to share a solution that I use pretty often when time is not on my side or to be perfectly honest the thought of hitting the kitchen and knocking together a meal does not appeal to me.

Awesome shake made in the best blender I have ever owned from @primeone_uae #shake #nutrition #blender #food #taste

First things first. If you are going to go down the line of liquid nutrition then a good blender is a must. There are a load of really average blenders available in stores and average results is what they deliver. You are far better investing a bit of time researching and a bit of money buying a really good blender, as remember it is going to feed you which is going to make you perform better. So if you don’t have a decent blender yet, go get one, if you do, carry on reading! I use the blender in the above image which is from Prime One trading in Dubai and has an engine like a mini lawn mower.

So what does the above shake have in it? Lean 95 protein powder, macca powder, chia seed, cocoa powder, ginger powder, coconut water, almonds, date paste and a frozen banana. Pretty punchy little meal I have there right? But you don’t have to settle for this guy, there is no one solution for all. No, there are many solutions. I can quickly chop up a range of vegetables, drop them in this beast and in 10 minutes I have hot vegetable soup. (I told you it had a serious motor in it) Or what about using it to make your own almond butter instead of buying stuff that has additives in it? Simple too, drop a handful of almonds in, add a splash of coconut oil and let the blender go to work for you.

Not had enough yet? Well it gets better don’t worry. Ever needed a kick before a workout but can’t seem to stomach a meal, check out this shake that I love using to fire me up before a workout.

Getting nutrition into your body is vital and doing so by blending it in a shake gives you the option of using a whole stack of awesome ingredients that are quick and easy to prepare and easy on your stomach.

Enjoy blending.

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