Your shopping trolley

Grocery shopping freaks me out. Seeing what people are putting in their baskets that they will consume in the week ahead or give to their kids! It is out of control when you look at how much junk people have in their trolleys. Now I am not a supermarket stalker but sometimes you can not help but notice.

shopping cart

The issue here I believe is on 3 levels.

Firstly a number of people are oblivious to what is actually good for them and what is not. I will call these the blind people. They genuinely don’t know, haven’t been educated or choose not to educate themselves on improved nutrition to fuel their bodies performance and live a good and healthy life.

Secondly there are those that are in denial of the fact that all the trash in their shopping trolley is actually adding inches to their waist line, kilograms to their scales and taking years off their life. They read, they are educated, they know the facts but they just refuse to believe so go ahead and fill their basket with things that they like the taste of and gives them the maximal immediate satisfaction.

And finally there is the suffocating marketing that we of course have the option to see through or ignore. Hats off to the companies, they do an awesome job in tempting people to fill their trolleys with trash and plenty of it. Doesn’t there always seem to be a special on the “family pack” of sodas or chips but never on the broccoli. Well isn’t that strange.

So whats the solution? Well it is very simple. When you go to the store, go to the fruit and veg section and go crazy, when you are done there hit the meat and fish counters, then it’s time to head for the check outs. Yep you are done. End of post!

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