Breakfast time

Some people like breakfast others don’t. Some people are tight on time and this leads to them unintentionally skipping breakfast only to find themselves starving by mid morning and reverting to the not so healthy options in various cafes.

In this clip I share a shake that I have used and have given to many people that have used it with great results:

List of ingredients and where to get them:

Brazil nuts, Almonds, coconut powder, coconut oil, bananas. These should all be available in your local supermarket, if not then get a new supermarket.

Ginger powder, Blueberry powder, vitaloe powder, gogi berries, acai powder, chlorella powder, chia seed, macca powder, Karlsons fish oil. For these you will have to go to a health food store. In Dubai they are available at the Organic Supermarket.

Lean95 protein powder. Check out www.lean95.comΒ  (or if you are in Dubai mail me on and I can take care of you)

Vital greens. The one I use can be found here but there are quite a few out there.

For the liquid you can use mineral water or if you can get it use coconut water.

The blender is essential and you need one that can crush nuts and blend well otherwise your shake is not going to be cool at all. There are loads of “household” blenders that are simply not powerful enough. The one I use from Prime One is a commercial blender and is awesome whilst being very competitive on price. If you are in Dubai you can order them direct at

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