The InnerFight brand in was founded in 2007 and http://www.innerfight.com launched in 2008.

Brand vision: “Increased human performance through the use of InnerFight principles and training.”

Brand Values:

  • Hard Work: Hard work on every level gets results. You can’t fake increased performance. Work hard and you can have anything you want in life.
  • Honesty: A spade is a spade, a rep is a rep, things are black and white there is no grey. Honesty is the fastest route to high and sustained performance.
  • Simplicity: Do simple things well, break down complex tasks into bite size chunks. In small servings everything is possible.
  • Smash life: The attitude in getting the most out of the life we are given and helping those around you do the same.
  • Fun: It’s all about having fun, enjoying what you are doing. Your performance will sky rocket when you are having fun.
  • Mental toughness: If your mind is strong your performance will increase. The biggest battle is the one that goes on in the mind.

“Show No Weakness”

InnerFight services:

  • Personal performance coaching:  Marcus works with a broad spectrum of clients with varying goals. Why not use his experience, knowledge and motivational approach to life to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of your life.
  • InnerFight classes: Classes are run at Evolve Gym Dubai 5 days a week. The classes deliver Marcus’s proven style of training which focuses on strength, metabolic conditioning and improving peoples lives through physical activity. (For full details on class times and costs CLICK HERE. Any questions mail Marcus directly on winning@innerfight.com )
  • Smash Life Seminar: In this ground breaking seminar Marcus addresses 6 modules which drive performance on every level. For full details of the seminar click here. For dates or to host a Smash Life seminar contact Marcus directly on winning@innerfight.com
  • Sports Psychology: If you struggle to get your “head in the game” then coaching from Marcus is the solution for you. Mental strength might as well be Marcus’s middle name, his ability to increase performance through addressing the mental approach is remarkable.
  • 5 day a week physical training program: This is a free to download solution which can be found on the top right hand side of the homepage. Click on the appropriate day and you will get a ready made workout ready to be done at your local gym.
  • InnerFight podcast: Marcus addresses your questions, shares his knowledge and talks to some of the most respected figures in the fitness world. Get the podcast now for free in iTunes.
“What I strive to achieve with InnerFight is improved human performance in every aspect of people’s lives. I have had a great opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of people ranging from children to adults, males, females, professional athletes and those that see sport as something that brings huge positives to their lives. Coming from a strong sports back ground, I have no doubt that our physical capacity forms the basis of our performance in life. Couple that with getting your head in the right place and your life becomes awesome.”

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  1. Hey,

    I am located in Abu dhabi but in Dubai every weekend. Do You guys do any training on weekends? Can I meet someone to talk about a training program ?


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