Awesome apparel

Thanks for coming and checking out the InnerFight merchandise page, hope you find something here that you like. For any inquiries or orders please mail We will ship around the world so just get in touch!!

Thanks for your support.

Men’s workout shorts. 2 colour options. Plain black and black/red. These things are rocking, they may not may you faster in your workouts but you will look like a boss in them.

New InnerFight shorts now in stock. #getinvolved #shorts #apparel #innerfight #workout #crosstraining #theyrock #winning

Men’s cotton t-shirt. These are super comfortable and a great fit too. We have them in black, white, red, grey and grey/green.

Men's t-shirts! #innerfight #apparel #fitness #tshirts

What about a singlet for your workout guys? Black and white available.

Cotton singlets. #innerfight

These are the ladies singlets and come in 4 colours: Black. white, grey/green and pink…..

Ladies singlets 4 colours! #innerfight #apparel #ladies #sportswear #fitness

Trucker caps, for your workout or just for hanging out.
Trucker caps back in stock! #caps #trucker #apparel #merchandise #awesome #branded #innerfight #ordernow
These visors rock….they are made by Headsweats, they are the real deal!

Men's visor

Ladies visor

If you are doing something super cool and you think some InnerFight merchandise will make you perform better then send us your story ( we may send you a little pack of gear out on us.

5 responses to “Awesome apparel

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  3. Hi inner fight team
    I have been doing the inner fight training for the last 6 weeks now and I’ve lost 13 kilos thus far. I’m keen to get some gear. 2xshirts xl
    2xshorts Sz 36, 2x singlet xl and 1x visa hat. If I could get a price would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for all the help.
    Albert aka Hoppa.

  4. Gday InnerFight Team,
    Myself and my best mate turn 40 this year so in true innerfight style are going to step out of our comfort zones and do the Perth Australia tough Mudder in October! your programes have been a part of my life for a couple of years and have introduced your site to dozens over the years.I am eager to test the mental strength i have developed over the years for this big challenge that awaits.I am looking at buying some of your gear to wear or if you have a pack available that would be appreciated.I would be proud to wear the InnerFight message and promise to cover the logos in mud if i was to come in last!..

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